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Visible Light Communications: Networking and Applications.
Jian Song, Fang Yang, Hongming Zhang, Jintao Wang, and Wenbo Ding
Posts & Telecom Press, 2020.


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Nano Energy, Volume 89, Front Cover.
Triboelectric Bending Sensor based Smart Glove towards Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Human-Machine Interfaces.


  1. Chenchang Li#, Ziwu Song#, Zhentan Quan, Shilong Mũ, Wanxin Jin, Chenye Wu, Wenbo Ding*, “STacTID: Terrain Identification and Pose Estimation for Legged Robot with a High-performance Visuo-Tactile Sensor,” submitted.

  2. Zihan Wang#, Kai-Chong Lei#, Huaze Tang, Shoujie Li, Yuan Dai, Wenbo Ding*, Xiao-Ping Zhang. “STEV: Stretchable Triboelectric E-skin enabled Proprioceptive Vibration Sensing for Soft Robot,” submitted.

  3. Shoujie Li#, Mingshan He#, Wenbo Ding*, Linqi Ye, Xueqian Wang, Junbo Tan, Jinqiu Yuan, Xiao-Ping Zhang. “Visuo-Tactile Sensor Enabled Pneumatic Device Towards Compliant Oropharyngeal Swab Sampling,” submitted.

  4. Shoujie Li#, Haixin Yu#, Wenbo Ding*, Houde Liu, Linqi Ye, Chongkun Xia, Xueqian Wang, Xiao-Ping Zhang. “Visual-tactile Fusion for Transparent Object Grasping in Complex Backgrounds,” submitted.

  5. Yuzhu Mao#, Zihao Zhao#, Meilin Yang, Le Liang, Yang Liu, Wenbo Ding*, Tian Lan, Xiao-Ping Zhang. “SAFARI: Sparsity enabled Federated Learning with Limited and Unreliable Communications,” submitted.

  6. Zenan Lin#, Kai Chong (Eric) Lei#, Shilong Mu, Ziwu Song, Yuan Dai, Wenbo Ding*, Xiao-Ping Zhang. “Multimodal Surface Sensing based on Hybrid Flexible Triboelectric and Piezoresistive Sensor,” submitted.

  7. Hengxi Zhang, Chengyue Lu, Huaze Tang, Xiaoli Wei, Ling Cheng, Wenbo Ding*, Zhu Han. “Mean-Field Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Resource Allocation in Vehicular Networks,” submitted.

  8. Zihao Zhao#, Yuzhu Mao#, Muhammad Zeeshan, Yang Liu#, Tian Lan, Wenbo Ding*. “AQUILA: Communication Efficient Federated Learning with Adaptive Quantization of Lazily-Aggregated Gradients,” submitted.

Selected Publications at TBSI

  • 2022

  1. [AEM] Hongfa Zhao#, Mingrui Shu#, Zihao Ai#, Zirui Lou, Kit Wa Sou, Chengyue Lu, Yuchao Jin, Zihan Wang, Jiyu Wang*, Changsheng Wu, Yidan Cao, Xiaomin Xu, Wenbo Ding*. “A Highly Sensitive Triboelectric Vibration Sensor for Machinery Condition Monitoring,” Advanced Energy Materials, accepted.

  2. [RAL] Xiaosa Li, Chengyue Lu, Ziwu Song, Wenbo Ding*, Xiao-Ping Zhang. “Planar Magnetic Actuation for Soft and Rigid Robots using a Scalable Electromagnet Array,” IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, accepted.

  3. [EES] Zihan Wang#, Yuchao Jin#, Chengyue Lu#, Jiyu Wang*, Ziwu Song, Xu Yang, Yidan Cao, Yunlong Zi, Zhong Lin Wang*, Wenbo Ding*. “Triboelectric Nanogenerator enabled Mechanical Modulation for Infrared Wireless Communications,” Energy & Environmental Science, vol. 15, 2983-2991, 2022.

  4. [NatureComm] Hongfa Zhao, Minyi Xu, Mingrui Shu, Wenbo Ding, Xiangyu Liu, Siyuang Wang, Cong Zhao, Hongyong Yu, Hao Wang, Chuan Wang, Xianping Fu, Xinxiang Pan, Guangming Xie, Zhong Lin Wang. “Realizing Underwater Wireless Communication via TENG-Generated Maxwell’s Displacement Current,” Nature Communications, vol. 13, no. 1, 3325, 2022.

  5. [TIST] Yuzhu Mao, Zihao Zhao, Guangfeng Yan, Yang Liu, Tian Lan, Linqi Song, Wenbo Ding*. “Communication Efficient Federated Learning with Adaptive Quantization,” ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, accepted.

  • 2021

  1. [NanoEnergy] Ziwu Song#, Jihong Yin#, Zihan Wang#, Chengyue Lu, Ze Yang, Zihao Zhao, Zenan Lin, Jiyu Wang*, Changsheng Wu, Jia Cheng, Yuan Dai, Yunlong Zi, Shao-Lun Huang, Xinlei Chen, Jian Song, Gang Li, Wenbo Ding*. “A flexible triboelectric tactile sensor for simultaneous material and texture recognition,” Nano Energy, vol.93, 106798, Mar. 2022.

  2. [NanoEnergy] Yang Luo#, Zihan Wang#, Jiyu Wang, Xiao Xiao, Qian Li, Wenbo Ding*, Hongyan Fu*. “Triboelectric Bending Sensor based Smart Glove towards Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Human-Machine Interfaces,” Nano Energy, vol. 89, 106330, Nov. 2021. (Front Cover)

  3. [DSP] Zihan Wang, Jiarong Li, Yuchao Jin, Jiyu Wang, Fang Yang, Gang Li, Xiaoyue Ni, Wenbo Ding*. “Sensing Beyond Itself: Multi-functional Use of Ubiquitous Signals towards Wearable Applications,” Digital Signal Processing, vol. 116, 103091, Sept. 2021.

  4. [CNCOMM] Chengyue Lu, Zihan Wang, Wenbo Ding*, Gang Li, Sicong Liu, and Ling Cheng. “MARVEL: Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning for VANET Delay Minimization,” China Communications, vol. 18, no. 6, 1-11, June 2021.

  • 2020

  1. [ICN] Jiarong Li, Changsheng Wu, Ishara Dharmasena, Xiaoyue Ni, Shao-Lun Huang, and Wenbo Ding*, “Triboelectric Nanogenerators Enabled Internet of Things: A Survey,” Intelligent and Converged Networks, vol.1, no. 2, pp. 115 - 141, Sept. 2020. (invited review)

  2. [npjCW] Jianfeng Zhou, Fang Yang, Yuxiong Huang, Wenbo Ding*, and Xing Xie*, “Smartphone-powered efficient water disinfection at the point of use,” npj Clean Water, vol. 3, no. 40, 2020.

Selected Publications Before Joining TBSI

  • Journal

  1. [AEM] Wenbo Ding#, Jianfeng Zhou#, Jia Cheng#, Zhaozheng Wang, Hengyu Guo, Changsheng Wu, Sixing Xu, Zhiyi Wu, Xing Xie, and Zhong Lin Wang “TriboPump: A Low-Cost, Hand-Powered Water Disinfection System,” Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 9, pp. 1901320. , Jun. 2019.

  2. [AEM] Sixing Xu#, Wenbo Ding#, Hengyu Guo#, Xiaohong Wang, and Zhong Lin Wang, “Boost the Performance of Triboelectric Nanogenerators through Circuit Oscillation,” Advanced Energy Materials, vol.9, pp. 1900772, Aug. 2019.

  3. [AMT] Wenbo Ding, Aurelia C. Wang, Changsheng Wu, Hengyu Guo, and Zhong Lin Wang, “Human-Machine Interfacing Enabled by Triboelectric Nanogenerators and Tribotronics,” Advanced Materials Technologies, vol.4, 1800487, Nov. 2018. (Invited Review)

  4. [NatureComm] Jia Cheng#, Wenbo Ding#, Yunlong Zi#, Yijia Lu, Linhong Ji, Fan Liu, Changsheng Wu, and Zhong Lin Wang, “Triboelectric microplasma powered by mechanical stimuli,” Nature Communications, 9, 3733 (2018). [pdf] Featured by media. [ScienceNet] [KKnews] [ScienceVio] [IEEE Nanotech Group]

  5. [NanoEnergy] Wenbo Ding#, Changsheng Wu#, Yunlong Zi#, Haiyang Zou, Jiyu Wang, Jia Cheng, Aurelia C. Wang, and Zhong Lin Wang, “Self-Powered Wireless Optical Transmission of Mechanical Agitation Signals,” Nano Energy, vol. 47, pp. 566-572, May 2018.

  6. [MT] Changsheng Wu#, Wenbo Ding#, Ruiyuan Liu#, Jiyu Wang, Aurelia C. Wang, Jie Wang, Shengming Li, Yunlong Zi, and Zhong Lin Wang, “Keystroke dynamics enabled authentication and identification using triboelectric nanogenerator array,” Materials Today, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 216-222, Apr. 2018. [pdf]

  7. [AEM] Hua Yu#, Xu He#, Wenbo Ding#, Yongshan Hu, Congchen Yang, Shan Lu, Changsheng Wu, Haiyang Zou, Ruiyuan Liu, Canhui Lu, and Zhong Lin Wang, “A Self-Powered Dynamic Displacement Monitoring System based on Triboelectric Accelerometer," Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 7, no. 19, pp. 1700565, Oct. 2017. [pdf]

  8. [JSAC] Wenbo Ding, Yang Lu, Fang Yang, Wei Dai, Pan Li, Sicong Liu, and Jian Song, “Spectrally Efficient Channel State Information Acquisition for Power Line Communications: A Bayesian Compressive Sensing Perspective," IEEE Journal of Selected Areas on Communications, vol. 34, no. 7, pp. 2022-2032, Jul. 2016.

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  10. [TBC] Wenbo Ding, Fang Yang, Changyong Pan, Linglong Dai, and Jian Song, “Compressive sensing based channel estimation for OFDM systems under long delay channels," IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 313-321, Jun. 2014. (IEEE 2015 Scott Helt Memorial Award, Best Transactions Award)

  11. [AEM] Changsheng Wu, Aurelia C Wang, Wenbo Ding, Hengyu Guo, and Zhong Lin Wang, “Triboelectric nanogenerator: A foundation of the energy for the new era," Advanced Energy Materials, vol.9, no. 1, pp. 1802906, Jan. 2019.

  • Conference

  1. [ICC] Tengjiao Wang, Jingbo Tan, Wenbo Ding, Yanru Zhang, Fang Yang, Jian Song, and Zhu Han, “Compressive Sensing Over Graphs Based Inter-Community Detection Scheme in Mobile Social Networks,” in Proc. IEEE ICC 2018, Kansas City, USA.

  2. [GC] Sicong Liu, Fang Yang, Wenbo Ding, Jian Song, and Zhu Han, “Impulsive Noise Cancellation for MIMO-OFDM PLC Systems: a Structured Compressed Sensing Perspective,” in Proc. IEEE Globecom 2016, Washington D.C., USA.

  3. [GC] Jingyi Wang, Wenbo Ding, Yuanxiong Guo, Chi Zhang, Miao Pan, Jian Song, “Dynamic Matching Based Distributed Spectrum Trading in Multi-Radio Multi-Channel CRNs,” in Proc. IEEE Globecom 2016, Washington D.C., USA.

  4. [GC] Huaqing Zhang, Wenbo Ding, Jian Song, and Zhu Han, “A Hierarchical Game Approach for Visible Light Communication and Multi-Hop D2D Heterogeneous Network,” in Proc. IEEE Globecom 2016, Washington D.C., USA.

  5. [ICC] Sicong Liu, Fang Yang, Wenbo Ding, and Jian Song, “NBI Cancellation for Smart Grid Communications: A Block Sparse Bayesian Learning Perspective,” in Proc. IEEE ICC 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  7. [GC] Wenbo Ding, Fang Yang, Chao Zhang, Linglong Dai, and Jian Song, “Simultaneous Time-Frequency Channel Estimation Based on Compressive Sensing for OFDM System,” in Proc. IEEE GlobeCom 2014, Austin, USA.

  8. [ISPLC] Fang Yang, Wenbo Ding, and Jian Song, “Non-intrusive power line quality monitoring based on power line communications,” in Proc. IEEE ISPLC 2013, Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Patent

  1. Junnan Gao, Fang Yang, Wenbo Ding, and Jian Song, Visible Light Communication Method and Device Fusing OOK Modulation and OFDM Modulation, PCT.

  2. Wenbo Ding, Zhong Lin wang, Changsheng Wu, and Yunlong Zi, Self-powered Wireless Optical Communication Systems and Methods, US Patent.